Revolving Loan Fund

乌马蒂拉电力合作社(UEC)在我国农村社区的发展中发挥着积极的作用. Through its Board and staff, UEC在我们服务区域的经济发展和业务扩张中提供领导和财务参与. Now, 通过设立循环贷款基金, UEC is seeking to improve the quality of life in rural areas by helping to leverage projects that create and retain job opportunities for rural residents; that provide technical assistance, education, or medical care to rural businesses or rural residents; that further the use of advanced telecommunications services and computer networks for medical, educational, and job training services; and that upgrade the public infrastructure to improve the economic development potential of rural areas and the health, safety and medical care of rural residents.


In general, 符合贷款条件的项目可以包括任何商业投资, governmental public body, 或参与社区或经济发展项目的实体,促进创造就业机会和/或提供必要的社区服务,使农村地区受益, 包括盈利性企业贷款和非盈利性机构贷款. 永利会循环贷款基金的收益可用于购买土地, fixed assets, machinery and equipment, or working capital needs. 营运资金贷款只会与购买先前指定的其他资产一并考虑.

Ineligible Uses

不符合资格的循环贷款基金用途包括开发前费用, refinance of existing debts; illegal activities; legal activities that in the opinion of UEC’s Board of Directors adversely affect UEC’s Revolving Loan Fund interests; general improvement loans related to normal replacement needs of a business and unrelated to business expansion/job creation; and loans to projects which have alternative sources of financing at reasonable interest rates.

Loan Amounts and Financing Requirements

最低贷款额为5,000元,而可再生基金的最高贷款额为360,000元. UEC’s Revolving Loan Fund projects must include a minimum of 20% funding from other sources; greater leveraging of outside resources enhance the chances for approval of an RLF loan request.

Please contact the UEC Business Resource Center if you have additional questions.

Interest Rate and Fees

UEC循环贷款基金贷款的利率不会超过华尔街日报公布的现行优惠利率,并将根据偿还能力评估确定, 以及项目实施所需的低于市场水平的融资. 每年将收取高达未付余额1%的贷款服务费用,以帮助支付东电循环贷款基金的行政费用. 借款人将被收取贷款结清费、律师费、申请费等费用.,以完成所需的贷款文件. 所有贷款费用将在UEC与贷款接受者之间的贷款协议中说明.

Loan Terms

UEC循环贷款基金贷款期限不得超过10年, 由UEC董事会决定,可少于10年. 可按项目考虑将贷款延期至多两年. 贷款审查委员会将根据项目需要,就贷款期限提出建议, the expected life of the security, and the applicant’s ability to repay. 贷款期限不得超过用作抵押品的资产的预期寿命. 虽然不是强制性要求,但以下期限将用作一般指引:

Building 10 Years
Equipment 5 – 7 Years
Real Estate 10 Years
Working Capital 1 – 3 Years


Loans will be collateralized, as determined necessary by UEC’s Board, 以确保其参与项目,并可包括, but is not limited to, mortgages, liens, letters of credit, and/or personal and corporate guarantees. 由UEC董事会决定的其他条款和条件可能需要, depending upon individual circumstances, 包括但不限于租赁转让, subordination agreements, life insurance, etc.



  • Contact the offices of Gregory Smith & Company, LLC for a loan application.
  • 申请将在Gregory Smith森林舞会游戏的正常工作时间内接受 & Company, LLC located in Heppner, OR 97836.
  • A staff person of Gregory Smith & Company, LLC将审查申请的完整性,并将完整的申请提交给贷款审查委员会.
  • 贷款委员会将分析每个项目,并向UEC董事会提出建议.
  • 联合教育集团董事会将在每月定期召开的董事会会议上审核循环贷款基金的申请. However, if needed and at the board’s option, 董事会可召开特别会议审查贷款申请.
  • UEC董事会拥有批准或拒绝所有循环贷款基金申请的最终权力,并有权确定适当的条款和条件.
  • For approved loans, 包含所有条款和条件的贷款协议, including monitoring procedures, repayments, delinquencies, defaults, 该项目的补救办法将由联合经委会的循环贷款基金编制. In addition, UEC的循环贷款基金应准备好所有票据, mortgages, security agreements, UCC filings, 及其他结清贷款所需的法律文件.